Overwhelm Can Cause Us To Loose Direction

Overwhelm Can Cause Us To Loose Direction.

As we start a new journey we are immersed in a multitude of new information, new insights, new connections, new knowledge and new directions to follow thus becoming aware of an entire new way of being with only an introduction to it all.  All of this new information creates an abundance of energy and unlimited options of paths to take.  However what can sometimes happen is the swelling of energy can become overwhelming because there are too many options, too much information, or too little about lots of different topics.   It becomes a juggling act in your mind that you then do not know which way to go.  The energy can become so overwhelming that it creates confusion, limiting beliefs surface and no direction is taken.

So how do you move through this build up of energy and state of overwhelm.  Tap into all the energy/information, find what resonates the strongest and put in place action steps to travel in that direction of further growth and development and manifestation.   Everything else that you have acquired doesn’t disappear, it remains within, ready to be accessed when it is the right time to explore further.  Much like the water cascading and channeling down a rocky slope where the body of water narrows and flows fast to be collected and pooled ready to breach and join the flow further along the channel.

The same way we absorb and are exposed to a multitude of information which then can be accessed and channelled to what resonates the strongest and trusting that all the energy/information is still there to be accessed and explored at the right time.  By breaking it down into into what resonates the most allows you to stay focused in moving forward with confidence , excitement and purposeful intent.

By Faith Friend