Perception/Judgement Influence Our Interactions With Our World

Perception/Judgement Influence Our Interactions With Our World

What defines our benchmark for our perceptions/judgement of balance between right/wrong, good/bad, fair/unjust, truthful/dishonest, kind/unkind, loving/fearful.  Where is the basis of our judgements formed – Nature v’s Nurture.  Do we carry our own perceptions or those that have been nurtured through experience or by society, media, schools, parents and peers.

Our souls while in spirit operate on the vibration of love and acceptance of “what is” as being neither right nor wrong, simply “is”.  Before future life events we are born with and in innocence, acceptance of “what is”.  We are either hungry or full, sleepy or wide awake.  We do not hold a perception of these as right or wrong .i.e. judge, rather is just “what is”.

Do we have the right to judge ourselves or another?  Or is it our role to simply accept others and the journey they take (through their choices) as “what is” their life’s journey so that we may return to a state of innocence and love and not judge with our learned perceptions and accept “what is”.

When we go about our days operating on our perceptions/judgements we are influencing our interactions with people/places/events and often allowing these to alter our interactions with and within them.  When we do this we are closing ourselves off to “what is” in the moment and potentially not reaping the full potential or experience.  How many times have you met someone and formed a perception/judgement of them upon first sight, only to have that perception/judgement blown out of the water when you actually start talking and interacting to them.  Or how many times have you decided to avoid an event or situation because you perceived/judged it to be of no benefit to you only to hear after the fact something totally unexpected from a another person that made you wish you had been part of it.  Perceptions and judgements have the effect of closing our minds to experiencing what life has to offer.  However if we simply allow “what is” to be explored, a entire new world opens up.

The image did you perceive/judge her to be hiding behind the card not wanting to show herself fully? Or did you perceive/judge her to be coming out of hiding and wanting to connect more fully to you?  Or did you simply see “what is” a woman with a card covering one eye?  Ask yourself where did your perception/judgment come from and how did it influence you when looking at the image.

By Faith Friend