About Me – Soul Alchemy Mentor & Medium

Faith Friend – Soul Alchemy Mentor & Medium

“Bridge to your Authentic Self”

Hi, I’m Faith Friend, and I am a Soul Alchemy Mentor and Medium.

I consider myself to be like a Bridge. I am a Medium who connects with Spirit and higher guidance to help you bridge the gap between your conscious and unconscious self, leaving you empowered to be your most authentic self and to live from your authentic truth. The life-changing result is what I call ‘Finding your Soul Alchemy.’ 

I was born a natural Medium and from an early age, and I was able to “feel” (Clairsentient) the energies of others, particularly their emotional energy. With that, I also had the ability to “know” (Claircognance) what it was they needed at that moment.

Having obtained a Bachelor in Education (Early Childhood) over 20 years ago and a Certificate III in Medical Administration, I have spent a lot of time in roles that centre around caring for others. I’m a proud mother to three children, including twins, all which required an arduous IVF journey that was riddled with complications. I ran a transport business with my ex-husband for over 14 years and did everything from driving trucks, to bookwork and receptionist duties.

I knew that I had been ignoring some vital signs from the Universe and the breakdown of my marriage was the catalyst for change. For example, I’d never suffered from Hay Fever as a child, yet when I met my husband, I started to suffer badly from Hay Fever. When my marriage ended, so did the Hay Fever. When I was in a job that wasn’t bringing me joy, I once again developed Hay Fever. I knew this time that this was a sign that I wasn’t on my path and aligned to my higher purpose. Again, when I changed direction, the symptoms passed.

The lesson for me was that I finally learnt to have that communication with self that is in alignment with my truth and not compromising for others against self.

I embarked on “finding myself” further. Through that process of healing and self-discovery, I went to a kinesiologist and was introduced to crystals where I received a massive ‘shock’ when I picked up a Serpentine crystal. This reaction propelled me to dive further, and I attended an Archetype workshop.  It was here that I consciously connected to my natural abilities of connecting with Spirit, and I have stepped into who I truly am at a soul level, I am a Medium who has the ability to work with Spirit to deliver healing guidance and have set about to do the work I have come into this lifetime to do.  Stepping into this self truth –  I had arrived ‘home.’

I am love connecting to Spirit, passed loved ones and the energy of my clients, bringing through the crystal-clear clarity with the ‘aha!’ moments that enables my clients to become more of who they are, and I really enjoy seeing people feel that empowerment of self.

What makes me different is my ability to connect with Spirit to quickly identify blockages and root causes, attributing to dis*ease, often resulting in metaphysical shifts and life-changing results.

What sets me apart is that many people say, “Faith, you seem to carry a vibration that’s an influence of its own” which is humbling as I’m often asked to be at events and workshops by experts in my field simply for my presence and healing energy.

Recently, I worked with a woman called “Claire” who is based in Tasmania, on self-discovery and self-empowerment. Claire was holding her truth back and unsure as to what her purpose was in life and had no idea of who she was anymore. Over a couple of sessions, Claire has gone from holding in her truth to feeling empowered and confidently going forth to achieve her needs and desires.  

Another client, Jody says, “Faith is a talented psychic/medium who delivers clear and precise readings with uncanny accuracy. She is passionate and extremely focused on her work and is a wonderful calm channel who delivers guidance at a soul level. I have personally found that she brings a knife-like clarity to mental confusion, cutting away the debris until you are left with a clear path forward. Such a gift! I feel grateful and privileged to be able to seek her counsel when I am in need of unbiased spiritual guidance.”

“I have had a couple of private readings with Faith. Each time I have come away feeling so much better. Faith is so calming and makes you feel welcome and at ease. Faith really takes the time to make sure you get the most out of the session. She has been a wonderful guide in helping me develop my own connection and tuning in to messages that are meant for me. I also tune into Faith’s Facebook readings, and her presentations are always uplifting, and I feel grounded and inspired for my day.” Sonya.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Faith, both in person and over the phone and the connection was strong no matter what the medium. She has helped me work through many blockages that were restricting me from being my true self and allowing me to move forward in life. Through Faith, I have been able to weather storms I might not have been able to, had it not been through her guidance and assistance, by identifying and understanding the thoughts and beliefs that are holding us be, we can accept, release and move forward and grow. I look forward to continuing working with Faith as I delve deeper to release more restricting belief patterns and can enjoy the life I know I am meant to have.” Rebecca

Brian Dale, a leading Archetype Consultant, says, “I was drawn to Faith’s energy on that day as I understood she had begun her spiritual journey, was keen to advance her knowledge and skills, and she had incredible potential to assist others. At a personal level, she is a wonderful friend with grace and charm. She manages a busy life, both work and family commitments, with enthusiasm and devotion. At a psychic level, Faith has an amazing ability. Her understanding, knowledge, ability to communicate and advice is always honest, relevant and informative. She certainly lives up to her name of Faith Friend.”

I achieve results through utilising my natural abilities and having studied various techniques that include: Mediumship, Psychic and Intuitive, Oracle Reading, Psychometry, Chakra Reading and Balancing, Medical Intuitive and Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring (SGSM™). Of further interest to me is Dream Interpretation as our subconscious speaks to us to give clarity on what is playing out in our conscious minds and daily living. 

What I’ve found through my experience working with hundreds of clients (and including my own personal journey) is that if we are not connected to our authentic truth, then dis*ease can occur because we are not aligned. My clients are often at a crossroad, not knowing what’s the right decision, a sense of disharmony, or have trouble letting go of past events. Some are unsure of how to change things and lack insight to themselves on all layers – physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. They are seeking guidance and clarity to move forward in their lives. I understand that some people are scared of what they will be told, of making the wrong decisions, and that they are worried about whether they have the courage to make the changes and do the work, to be empowered to speak up.

I can assist with alleviating and removing these concerns by connecting with Spirit to bridge the gap to your authentic self. You will learn what’s your authentic ‘yes’ and what’s your authentic ‘no’ and how to recognise it so that you can make confident aligned decisions.

I do this through:

  • Medium Readings
  • Psychic Intuitive Readings
  • Email Reading
  • Vibrational Healing therapies; Chakra Reading & Balancing, Reiki and Access Bars®
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Mentoring Packages

I look forward to hearing how I can help you create a bridge to be your most authentic self.

Love and light,

Faith Friend.

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