Intuitive Reading

The Universe communicates to us every day.  Sometimes we miss or don’t recognise the messages being delivered.  This can then result in a continual state of “being in the dark”.  Being blind to our opportunities to heal and let go of emotional/mental blocks, feeling disconnected to our sense of self our soul and preventing us in moving forward with joy, happiness and success.

The intention of a session is to identify how the Universe is communicating with you.  Is it through your dreams, injury and Dis’ease, animal spirits, numerology, relationships, loved ones in spirit etc.  All of these different elements of your life have different meanings and messages.  By allowing me to connect and interpret your Universal messages, you will gain the clarity you need to empower you in aligning your emotions/thoughts/actions for your highest good.  Brining you into flow with the Universal energies that are wanting to support you in attracting and manifesting the abundance of balance and harmony, love, wellness and success to your physical/mental/emotional BE’ing.

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