Have you had a conversation with someone under water?

You see their lips moving. You hear the muffled sound of their voice as it moves through the water, but not understand a thing being said.  The conversation is confusing, misunderstanding, frustrating, hard, isolating and disconnected.  Only when you come up for air, getting your heads above water, that you are able to clearly communicate with each other.

When the barrier of water is removed, communication is clear, direct and collaborative.  All of a sudden you are able to take action in the right direction.

However, sometimes we need help raising our heads above water.

The purpose of a reading, is to help you raise your head above water.  Help you to clearly communicate with and understand the messages that are being communicate to you from the Divine Universe.


 You can choose what resonates with you the most from either:

Intuitive Reading

Mediumship Reading

Email Reading