Change and How to Navigate Through It















Change and How To Navigate Through It

What is Change? It is the altering of what is the “norm” of existence.  The “norm” is that which is familiar, that which has known boundaries – what is expected of self and others in interactions, situations and relationships.  How the “norm” makes us feel, whether good or bad, we know it is there. The “norm” creates a knowing and thus a sense of Security.

Change shifts our knowing of the boundaries, expectations, behaviours and therefore we loose our sense of security.  When we loose our sense of security it makes us vulnerable.  Vulnerable to being hurt, exposed, pain, taken advantage of, being used, devalued, unloved, unvalidated.  Even if the Change has come about by our own making, the result is an altered state of what is known to be the “norm” of our way of being/way of life.

How to cope with the shift or transition through Change to establish a new “norm” is to have a clear sense of self.  Our values, our purpose and most importantly our boundaries.  All of this put together, help to define our sense of self.

So through any Change there is always a “norm” and that is self.  Being true to self and upholding personal values, purpose and boundaries holds firm security and a state of safety to confidently navigate through change.

By Faith Friend