Bridge to Authentic Self – Personalised Packages

The ‘Bridge to Authentic Self’ is a personalised program to create a solid connection between your conscious self and what your unconscious self is attempting to show you, teach you and where the energy vibration needs to be cleared.  As a soul alchemy mentor, healer and medium, I provide you the bridge, which is the gap that you might be experiencing, to become your Authentic Self.

The ‘Bridge to Authentic Self’ is a combination of an intuitive reading and an energetic healing modality that is designed in response to your current energy stamp being expressed by your current vibration.  It ensures that the energy needed to create an effective solid bridge between your conscious and unconscious self is manifested.  This ensures that you are able to receive the insights needed to advance your mastery of the lesson being shown to you at this time.  This empowers you to integrate the unconsciousness lesson where you can live this human experience from a place of conscious and harmonious connection to your Authentic Self.

No human existence is the same.  We all have different lessons to learn and master along our journey to consciousness.  We all hold and process the vibrations of these lessons differently too.  Therefore, it is my firm belief that no “healing” should be the same which is why these packages are personalised to the individual needs.

Bridging the gap between your human self and your soul will create a shift in vibration where you will experience:

  • Improved physical health and vitality
  • Empowered motivation
  • Abundance of love and joy
  • Self confidence
  • Speaking your TRUTH
  • Expressing and maintaining clear healthy boundaries in work, relationships, finances and communication
  • Balanced emotional and mental states
  • Clarity and discernment
  • Breaking of self-sabotage behaviours
  • Connection to purpose
  • Shift in perceptions and attitude
  • Peace and harmony
  • The understanding and acceptance of life’s journey
  • Forgiveness

Our human self is where the soul gets to experience, learn, practice and master consciousness lessons resulting in evolution and growth.  This happens over many lifetimes.

Often, we use our analytical minds to make sense of these lessons which does serve to allow us to vocalise, discuss and give meaning as we explore consciously what has transpired, the impact it had and what influence it has made in one’s journey and evolution.  However, if we only use our analytical mind, we sometimes still feel stuck, as if there is something we just aren’t getting.  That’s because while we are using our analytical minds, our consciousness, to evolve and gain understanding, we often forget or don’t realise that the consciousness lesson is still held at a vibrational level within our Soul.  This is particularly the case if the consciousness lesson is also a continuation from a previous life or incantation.  We don’t have a conscious memory to analyse but we hold it still at a vibrational level within our soul.

When we are unable to close the gap between our conscious and unconscious self, it’s as if our human self and our Soul self are standing at opposite ends of a broken bridge.  The vibrational self on one side and our physical self on the other.

What I’ve found is that if the gap remains between the human self and our Soul self, then the Soul will manifest adverse energy so as to draw your attention to the energy stamp held at a vibrational level causing disharmony.  Signs that your soul is seeking attention through certain behaviour can be expressed through:

  • Blockages resulting in dis’ease
  • Physical illness that won’t go away despite treatment
  • Mental and emotional discord
  • Negative attitudes “goes wrong all the time”
  • Lack of healthy boundaries
  • Poor decision making
  • Self-sabotage behaviours
  • Feelings of blame, shame, judgement and guilt
  • Lack of clarity
  • Poor energy and motivation
  • Unstable relationships (professionally & personally)
  • Poor Self-esteem and lack of resilience
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Sense of disconnected from self and Source
  • Inability to manifest dreams
  • Living someone else’s TRUTH
  • Lack of love and joy
  • Fear, mistrust and doubt

To overcome the above experiences, I have found that by combining a healing modality with an intuitive session, I will be able to help you to bridge the gap between your conscious and unconscious self to gain the clarity you need to empower you in aligning your emotions/thoughts/actions for your highest good and shift any energetic stamps from your BE’ing.

The healing modalities that you can choose from for your personalised package are:

Access Bars

Chakra Balancing


The Bridge to Authentic Self package includes a FREE 15 min phone consultation where I gain an understanding of what is happening and what you are wanting to achieve.  Within this consultation, I will be able to give my recommendation of which healing session would be most appropriate to incorporate with an intuitive session.

The Bridge to Authentic Self session is personalised to your needs are approximately 90 mins in duration.

Investment: $190.00 per package.

I look forward to guiding you over the bridge to your authentic self.

Love & Light,


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