STOP Gossiping with the Universe!

Have you ever been drawn into a conversation with someone who was talking in a negative way about another person or situation – being drawn into or initiating yourself, a conversation that is pure GOSSIP.

Gossip by its very nature is talking about someone or something behind their back for whatever reason in a negative way.  It is unkind, hurtful, often driven from feelings of fear, for example low self-confidence, low self-esteem, feeling threatened and the best way to feel good about self is to bring down another.

What do you start to notice about yourself from the beginning to end of the conversation?  Do you notice how you start off feeling good about your day and not feeling any conflict then as you engage in the gossip, even if only listening and not actively commenting, how you start to feel low as if all the sunshine in your day is slowing dimming.  You might start to feel angry, incensed with what you are hearing, being drawn into a fight that is not yours to be part of yet all of a sudden you feel compelled to act in defence of another.

Can you see how your vibration is shifting from one that was light, happy, eager for the day and motivated, easily attracting more joy and abundance in any form to a vibration that is low, negative, angry, full of drama, you lose motivation to do anything because the conversation is all you can think about and you struggle to then be productive afterwards?

Now think of a conversation you had with someone who was brimming with joy and excitement and couldn’t wait to share their good news with you.  How their joy was infectious and it left you feeling happy and light for the rest of the day.  How your day flowed with so much ease and grace from that point on.  How you were uplifted by their high vibrational conversation with you.

Can you see how these two types of conversations had an effect on you mentally, emotionally and physically in how you flowed with your day, your physical reality.

Now let’s think about this in the context of our relationship with the Universe and how our thoughts affect our reality and our co-creation relationship.

Our thoughts are a direct conversation with the Universe, our Highest Self, God, Spirit or whatever reference you give to your highest co-creating support.   The Universe goes about the day vibrating at a high vibration that makes all things possible.  Your thoughts directly influence the reciprocal relationship that the Universe has with you. So, have a think about the quality of the conversation your thoughts create with the Universe and ask yourself are you sharing your joy, dreams, excitement, achievements of abundance or are you ruminating negatively about someone or something that has happened, doubting the achievability of a dream essentially, creating scenarios in your head like a play that is full of drama and negativity, thinking negative self-thoughts.  This is you GOSSIPING with the Universe?

The Universe operates at a high vibration that is positive, joyous, abundant and so on and comes to you with that intention when wanting to help you connect with the Universal energies for co-creating a reality which is just as positive, joyous and abundant.  The Universe wants to share its good stuff with you.

However, if your conversation with the Universe is to GOSSIP, then you will effectively lower the Universal energies around you to your level of conversation resulting in a matching of vibration which then shows up in your reality.

The Universe will match you vibrationally to co-create your reality and is directly affected by the quality of the conversation you send out with your thoughts.


To shift the quality of your conversation with the Universe from GOSSIP, so you can raise your vibration to meet the wonderfully supportive expansiveness of the Universe to positively co-create your reality you can shift your thoughts so that you:

  • Talk about your dreams and how excited you are about them
  • Share your joy
  • Share your achievements
  • Share your love
  • Plan adventures
  • Share your excitement
  • Laugh at your stuff ups and try again

So stop GOSSIPING with the Universe so you can raise your vibration see how you can positively co-create a reality that is aligned with your dreams and desires.


Love and Light



P.S Thank you Spirit for sharing this insight with me.