There are times in life for those of us in the physical world, when we need that connection with those we have lost.  To be able to have a laugh, cry, chat, mull over a problem, find closure or simply to just feel that loving connection once more.

A mediumship reading is a direct conversation between the Spirit world and you through myself as the medium.  In this role as the medium, I connect to your loved ones** in Spirit and bring through evidence of who it is in a way that captures their character essence in addition to factual evidence so that there is no doubt who is communicating with you.

As your medium, I hold a space for you and your loved one to connect and communicate that is loving, safe and without judgement.

** Our loved ones in Spirit also have the right to exercise their own free will on choosing to communicate or not.  Therefore, when preparing for a mediumship reading it is important to be open to ANY of your loved ones in Spirit to come through knowing and trusting that who steps forward is for your highest good at the time of the reading.

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