Oracle 3 Card Email Reading


THIS IS VIA EMAIL. The purpose of this is for answering a specific question. I will intuitively pick which oracle deck to use. The reading will tell a story of the energy that is playing out around a particular question asked and offer guidance and insights to empower you in moving forward to which is alignment with your highest good. You will be sent a reply email within 7 days of receipt of payment.



How to prepare your email reading:

Be very specific on the question asked.

Limit to one area/issue you wish to receive guidance.

Avoid giving too many details on the situations.  Simply just ask a question and allow the reading to channel the situation without being given details.  This ensures for an authentic flow of information.

All sessions paid for prior to the commencement of the session.

Have an open mind to allow the messages to come through as they are meant to.  Remove any perceived outcomes as these can impact on the reading by blocking what is meant to be delivered.  Know and trust that Spirit will only allow me to bring through guidance that you are ready to receive.

Take responsibility for exercising your own free will in choosing to act on, not act and any decisions made based on the messages/guidance delivered.

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