Soul Alchemy Mentoring Monthly Private Interactive Group Sessions

  • Are you wanting to commit to living the life you want from a place of AUTHENTICITY, LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you find the thought of pealing through the layers of yourself and your life scary, confusing, confronting, or lonely and need support that is loving, safe, compassionate, practical, relevant and empowering?
  • Are you ready to make a commitment to PUT IN THE WORK, to SHOW UP, to COMMIT TO YOU?

Did you answer YES to the above?…

Then I invite you to join me on the first Saturday of every month as I connect to Spirit to channel guidance, insights and healing that will help bridge the gap between your conscious and unconscious self. Connecting you to your AUTHENTIC SELF, find and express your AUTHENTIC VOICE so you can Live from your AUTHENTIC TRUTH.

Each session aims to:

  • connect with the wisdom of Spirit/Universe/Higher Self and how it shows up in your everyday life
  • through awareness, shift limiting beliefs that are impacting you from co-creating/manifesting with the Universe your dreams and desires
  • forge a conscious connection to your Soul Self – your AUTHENTIC SELF to empower your Authentic Voice
  • connect with your heart to shift from a fear base reality to that of one based in TRUST.
  • help you align with your Authentic Yes or No

Bookings essential as limit of 10 participants per group session

Book your place in the group session