Initiate Change Through The Power of Archetypes 2 Day Event

Day 1


Archetype Level 1 – Facilitated by Brian Dale

This workshop allows you to identify and determine your own unique personal set of archetypes.  There is a primary layer of 12 main archetypes. These archetypes determine your attitudes and behaviours.  This primary layer of archetypes is where you operate from most of the time.  Each archetype has a positive and negative influence on your attitudes and behaviours affecting how you interact both with your internal and external world. 

Throughout this workshop you will:

  • Begin your relationship with archetypes and archetypal energy
  • Understand in detail, the role that the four common archetypes to us all; Victim, Saboteur, Child and Prostitute play in your personality DNA
  • You will identify and determine the type of Child archetype you have; the relationship between your Victim and Prostitute; and how each of these strong archetypes affect your decision-making processes.
  • Determine and understand your other 8 personal archetypes
  • Place your personal archetypes in an activity zone of your Life Journey Chart and gain an understanding of what each of the zones represents. 
  • Understand how archetypal energies interact and affect your relationships, attitudes and behaviours
  • Exam where you are currently operating from in either the positive or negative archetypal energy so you are empowered to initiate change in areas of your life that are holding you back or causing you dissatisfaction.


SGSMTM – Facilitated by Faith Friend

Healing with Archangels – Heart Awakening

Heart Awakening. What does this actually mean?

We all have the heart organ, the centre for our physical vibrancy and wellbeing.  When our heart is fully open and unencumbered by blockages, we are able to experience all of life with vibrancy and strength.  

So, imagine now your Soul Heart.  This heart is the centre point of connection between your higher self and your physical self.  When this Soul Heart is open, it generates a vibration that exudes TRUST, AWARENESS, LOVE, FLOW, CONNECTION and TRUTH from your inner knowing – your SOUL.

Day 2 is a sacred workshop to nurture your divine journey and tap into the healing light of your heart to empower integration at an emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of the lessons and shifts that occurred on Day 1 through:

  • Channelled Energetic Templates
  • Guided Visualisation and Healing Meditation
  • Moving Meditation to Sacred Music
  • An Honouring Graduation Ritual

What’s Included: 

  • Morning and Afternoon Tead both days
  • A comprehensive booklet with a description of 95 archetypes and their positive and negative characteristics.
  • A laminated copy of your Life Journey Chart completed with your identified archetypes.
  • Meditation Cushion 

What to bring:

  • Pen,
  • water bottle,
  • journal,
  • lunch
  • an open mind and a willingness to transform your life.

Date: 26 and 27th June 2021

Times: 9:00am to 4:00pm both days (including breaks for morning tea)

Location: 10 Kennedy St, Cabarlah Qld 

Cost: $250.00

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